Environmental analysis



In this part, it was asked to do an analysis of the company and its way of working. Because I made my internship in a different structure, things are different so it would be more relevant to make an analysis and to see opportunities (and threats, if I could) of the local market for a future business.

In this way, Togo is small country of West Africa with a size of 56 785 km2 and a population of more than 7,5 million inhabitants. The country takes its independence on the 27th April 1960 and use the common currency of west African country, the Franc CFA. It’s an amazing country which is wrongly unknow of the world. It’s also a country that have a lot of opportunities for a quick and durable development. 

In this way, after two months spend in the country and after talking with a lot of people, I could see two main opportunities for the country. 

The first major opportunity is in the development of farming. In fact, lands in Togo are perfect to produce a lot of resources such as cereals. The ground is very rich and fertile, and there is a lot of source of water for irrigation. While we were driving done to the Plaines, we saw that a very small part of lands are used which give a huge opportunity of development. The major problem is to have the necessary loan for farmer to buy the machine and the raw material because bank don’t lend so much. Thanks to local initiative, we see the development of many micro loans which is, according to me, the best solution for a durable development. 

The second main opportunity I saw in this country is with a durable tourism development. First, the population of the country is very welcoming and respectful with foreign people which is a chance. The population already understand that tourism can be very profitable for the country and that’s very important because it’s reassuring. I believe that’s this country can develop its tourism very quick because Togo is an amazing country. In fact, the country is very long in distance and already propose many touristic places so with only one Visa, you can see four totally different regions. That the reason why we say that Togo is the heart of Africa.

Togo already have a main airport, a big international port and many roads from the south to the North. We can very easily imagine the creation of a tourism tour to discover the beaches, the Plaines, the mountains and the Savanna. We already see few main hotels but that’s not very developed. The only threat could be a mass tourism in the country which would totally destroy it, as it already happened in Sri Lanka. That’s the reason why it has to be regulated to create a durable tourism.

©2019 report write by Constantin Sengebusch for Neoma Business School

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